Frequenty Asked Questions Before Starting Macrofit

When you start a diet are you a little unsure if you are doing it right? Second guessing yourself. Not sure if you are working out enough? Working out too much? I totally get it! There is so much confusing and contradicting information out there. That is exactly why I created Macrofit. We remove all guesswork, and you just have to execute. Macrofit does all thinking for you! We have a proven track record of amazing results that come from a sustainable lifestyle. Here's how it works... Each week you pick the foods that you want to meal prep from our library of 1000+ meals and snacks. Then one comprehensive grocery list is generated off of your selections. Next, you will meal prep with easy-to-follow prep instructions. Typically, meal prepping takes 2-2.5 hours a week. But once you do that you have balanced, portioned meals ready to go for the week!

When you're busy and hungry- What do you do? You reach for the first thing readily available. By prepping meals, there's no reason to grab a doughnut in the break-room or pick up a burger through the drive thru. With meal prep available, you will always have a healthy, portioned meal ready to go.

Almost anything and everything! We have a library of 1000+ meal prep recipes and growing! We're talking spaghetti, enchiladas, and lots of Cajun food (I'm a Louisiana girl!). Essentially, normal foods with minor tweaks to make macros/calories work for you. Have a dairy or gluten allergy? No problem! When picking meals just filter meals/snacks to your liking! We have everything from low-carb to pressure cooker to slow cooker and even international recipes! And don't forget about our snack options! We have everything from Little Debbie Cakes , Bluebell, and many other guilty pleasures. All of the calories are tracked and built into your program, so you can enjoy your guilt free bowl of ice cream at night!

No! You choose multiple meals a week and can cook as you'd like. We recommend that you have your prepped meals readily available- but between OTG (on the go) options, alternative meals, a free meal each week, and simple meals, you can always change it up!

We only ask our customers to do 3 resistance-based workouts a week. They are optional, but definitely help with progress. Our classic Macrofit workouts have instructional videos to walk you through muscle building movements. If resistance-based workouts aren't your thing, then that's okay. Do what works for you and your abilities. Get your daily steps in, play a sport that you enjoy, or take the stairs at work- any movement is a good thing! And if you already have an established workout routine, you can continue to do that as well!

No worries, we have over 20+ fast food/ chain restaurants in our "on the go" options. We tell you how to order and enjoy a guilt free meal that is similar in calories and macro breakdown. We do recommend that you try to limit "on the go" options to a few times a week. 

Macrofit is structured into 4 week rounds. You are billed in full upon purchase for your first 4 weeks of content. Then you will be automatically billed again at 21 days into your first round (this is to give you access to pick meals and snacks for the next round). From this point on you will be billed every 28 days. You can cancel at anytime and you will have access to content until end of cycle.

Each round of Macrofit lasts for 4 weeks. But you can do as many rounds as you want to achieve desired results or to just maintain! You can cancel your membership at anytime.

A new round of Macrofit begins every Monday.

Submit your baseline data before your start date. Once your baseline data is entered, you can then select meals and snacks!

For certain you will need a scale, food scale, meal prep containers, and soft measuring tape (to measure body progress). If you do the Macrofit online workouts, then you'll need 3 sets of dumbbells. Women typically use 8's 12's and 15's. Men typically use 15's 20's and 25's. But use whatever weights that suit you best!

Premium ($99/4 weeks) where adjustments are made custom to you every week based off of your adherence, progress and goals. A single grocery list is generated off of YOUR snack and recipe selections. Premium members also have the ability to select 2 extra recipes per each course each week, build out their own snack groups with our Snack Builder tool, eat "on plan" at 40+ restaurants where we tell you exactly how to order, and so much more!