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Macrofit is an Online Fitness & Nutrition Program that aims to reach your goals on your schedule through meal prepping, accountability, and community!

Macrofit is all about prepping and eating real foods. We're talking gumbo, enchiladas, and spaghetti!  Results don't have to come from chicken and broccoli or eliminating entire food groups. We believe sustainable results are achieved through balanced meals, resistance training, and a well thought out plan!



This program was designed to remove all thinking on your behalf. The plan is laid out for you, it is just up to you to execute. You are provided with weekly meal plans based off your meal selections, weekly grocery shopping lists, and weekly meal prep instructions. You are also provided with 3 workouts per week along with instructional videos to walk you through each exercise.


Accountability goes a long way in helping you to reach your goals. Whether you choose to hold yourself accountable using the check in tools Macrofit provides or do a weekly accountability check in with the Macrofit team, our goal is to help you reach your goal! Multiple tools are used to assess progress:

The Scale

This is strictly a tool to measure the Earth’s gravitational pull on your body, so do not give it more power than that!


These are such an amazing way to assess progress and give a much clearer picture than that of the scale.  No one enjoys taking progress pictures, but seeing YOUR OWN progress through progress pictures helps so much with motivation!


Measurements are taken once per month to assess progress.  Sometimes the scale doesn't budge, but the inches still drop.  This means you have gained muscle and dropped body fat at the same time. This is why we cant only rely solely on the scale!


You are provided access to a private Facebook group to interact with other MacroFitters. You can share pictures, recipe tips, ask questions, and know that you are not alone in completing a tough workout. This is a group of people who will celebrate alongside you!

Whether you are a new mom struggling to find your groove or someone who is just too busy to plan everything out on your own, let Macrofit remove that burden for you and map out your plan!

how it works

Sign up to reserve your spot for an upcoming round of Macrofit! Select a start date that fits your schedule!

Macrofit will assess baseline data and then you will select recipes and snacks to build your meal plan! Go grocery shopping and meal prep the weekend before your start date!

Starting Macrofit! Start eating off the meal plan YOU created and start working out! Only 3 home-based workouts a week that are less than 45 minutes!

Submit weekly check in! After executing the plan, you will submit weekly check ins so that any necessary adjustments can be made to ensure continued progress. Check ins will include: plan adherence, weight, biweekly pictures, and measurements every third week of your round of Macrofit. All of these together help to capture a better overall understanding of your progress.